The Cooling Industry Is About to See a Huge Economic Boom

In an article written by Sonia Aggarwal, by

The cooling industry is about to see a huge economic boom. As cities become more populated and household incomes increase in tropical regions, researchers estimate the amount of electricity needed to meet the rising demand for cooling could be ten times higher by 2050 than it is today. There will be a huge opportunity for companies to create newer, cleaner cooling technologies to meet this demand.

Three trends regarding the cooling boom are taking place and lawmakers and the global community are taking note. Those three trends are: finding ways to keep energy used for cooling at a minimum, the Kigali Amendment, and jockeying for competitive advantage in the market.

To get ahead of the coming economic growth, the next few years of planning and production are critical.  The market share will be won by manufacturers that can replace HFCs while also making cooling as a whole more effecient.

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