Press Release: Introducing Dynatemp R421A™

Another Dynatemp Product You Can Count On 

Clayton, North Carolina – March 27, 2020 – We know there are many places where you can buy refrigerant. What sets Dynatemp apart from the rest is our keen focus on our customers. For many years, we have been proud to give you superior service, top-notch products, competitive prices, and speedy time-to-market. We look forward to continuing to give you our very best for many years to come.

As you know, for a number of years we have distributed the Choice® R421A product with a lubricant additive. Recently, we began a transition to producing and distributing our own Dynatemp R421A™ product. It contains a different lubricant that we believe you will find works even better. One of the reasons we are excited to bring you our new Dynatemp R421A™ product is that we now have more visibility and control over our supply chain. Not only will this reduce our costs and improve product time-to-market, but it will enhance the product quality and performance Dynatemp is known for. Bringing you our new Dynatemp R421A™ product hasn’t been easy, but, in this global and volatile economy, if we can assure our customers increased on-time delivery, lower cost, and AHRI-700 designated purity, then it’s definitely worth the effort.

We’re especially proud that our new Dynatemp R421A™ product is made in the USA. That’s important to us because it helps to reduce shipping timelines and some costs, but – most importantly – it benefits our economy and provides our fellow Americans with good-paying jobs. While we know that not every refrigerant component or part can be made in the USA, whenever we can make products locally, we will.

As we make our transition to producing and distributing our new Dynatemp R421A™ product and phasing Choice® R421A out of our product line-up, we are continuing to sell our remaining inventory of Choice® 421A. It comes as a surprise to us that Choice Refrigerants has circulated to the U.S. refrigerants market a statement that Dynatemp is selling “a counterfeit version of Choice® R421A.” This is not true. Each and every cylinder of R421A that Dynatemp sells under the Choice® brand is received directly from Choice Refrigerants.

We are also surprised to learn that Choice Refrigerants has gone so far as to call our new Dynatemp R421A™ product a “counterfeit,” a “knock-off,” and even “illegal.” This also is untrue. Our new proprietary Dynatemp R421A™ product contains a different premium lubricant than Choice® R421A, and it is sold exclusively under our own Dynatemp brand. Also, our product is produced within AHRI-700 standards and, thus, complies fully with the EPA SNAP regulations. Further, the claim that the Dynatemp R421A™ product infringes a valid U.S. patent is simply unfounded.

Had Choice Refrigerants contacted us before broadcasting these hurtful statements to the entire U.S. refrigerant market, we would have been happy to provide it with the true facts to set the record straight. Unfortunately, though, it didn’t. As you know, that’s not the way Dynatemp does business, which is why our customers trust us and our products. We’re grateful for our good relationships with you, and we look forward to continuing to serve your needs. Our new Dynatemp R421A™ product is proof that we are committed to bringing you the best.

As always, we are here to address any questions or concerns you may have. Please reach out to us at

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