Late Summer Refrigerant Industry Update

Dear Dynatemp Refrigerants Distributor,
After recent trade negotiations, the United States has announced tariffs on a wide range of products being imported from China. While the list of items covered is extensive, of significance to the refrigerant market is the inclusion of several categories of common refrigerants.

Refrigerants affected by this include:
-HFC Blends (R410A, R407x, R404A, etc)
*Note that these are already subject to duties, and are generally not being imported from China*
-Many other commonly used refrigerants

While the proposed tariffs are subject to 60 days of comment before becoming applicable, the market may react by moving prices up in the near term. Dynatemp is committed to keeping our prices as competitive as possible, even in the face of rising costs. Please contact your local sales representative for current pricing and market information.

In addition to potential tariffs, uncertainty regarding regulations and timelines for an HFC phasedown continue to cast doubt on the future of the refrigerant market. While the Kigali Amendment is still awaiting a vote by the Senate, recent statements from officials in government and industry indicate broad support for the measure across the aisle. However, the current climate in Washington, DC makes predicting a timeline for action difficult. Weather continues to play a major part in our business, and NOAA is predicting further heat and low humidity for much of the West and Pacific Northwest, exacerbating fire control efforts, and endangering more and more people. The South and East (to Mid-Atlantic) should see wetter, cooler
weather for a short period of time. As the cooling season winds down in much of the country over the next few months, we will re-evaluate pricing in the market as many of the pieces fall into place regarding regulations and tariffs.

We appreciate your ongoing support of Dynatemp Refrigerants as we transition through the HCFC Phaseout and the regulatory landscape of the other refrigerants. Please remember that this is the most important time to discuss your refrigerant management program, which should include reclamation and recycling as well as an R22 replacement refrigerant, such as Choice™ R421A. After thousands of successful retrofits, Choice™ R-421A has emerged as “The Easy Choice” for R22 replacement. Please ask your local sales representative about our comprehensive refrigerant reclamation
and replacement programs.

Will Gresham
Vice President
Dynatemp Refrigerants

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