Garden Grove Businessman Suspected of Importing Ozone-Depleting Chemical

In a recent news post by The Orange County Register;
A Garden Grove man was arraigned Monday, June 19, on an indictment that charges him with illegally importing a highly regulated, ozone-depleting chemical under false pretenses, authorities said.

Ozone Depletion

Mahmoud Alkabbani, 63, imported R-22, a refrigerant gas and class II ozone-depleting substance in cylinders bearing a counterfeit “Glacier” trademark, according to a statement from the United States Attorney’s Office for the Central District of California.

According to the indictment, Alkabbani entered into an agreement with a Chinese company to purchase R-22. The 2013 contract with the Chinese company listed the product as R-134a, which is not regulated by the Clean Air Act and does not deplete the ozone layer. A second, secret agreement called for the company to sell R-22 to Alkabbani…

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Hyundai Motor to use new air-conditioning refrigerant in all models

As reported in the Koria Harald

Hyundai Motor Co., South Korea’s top automaker, said Monday that all its passenger cars will use environmental-friendly air-conditioning refrigerant by 2020 as part of efforts to combat global warming.

The automaker said it will adopt the R1234yf air-conditioning refrigerant for all of its passenger vehicles going forward.

In the past it used eco-friendly refrigerants for vehicles sold in Europe in order to meet the European Commission standards regarding the regulations on carbon dioxide emissions.

The environment-friendly air conditioning refrigerants are roughly 10 times more expensive than the R134a, which means the price tag of Hyundai Motor’s passenger vehicles may rise.

The automaker has been using R134a refrigerant, which has been cited for CO2 emissions, in its vehicles sold here, as South Korea has no regulations preventing its use. (Yonhap)

The Trump announcement regarding the Paris Agreement at 3pm will impact the ratification of the Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol that establishes a phaseout schedule for HFC refrigerants. If the US stays in the Paris Agreement, the Kigali Amendment would be a “down payment” for meeting emission goals set by the Paris Agreement.

NEWS: Dynatemp International, Inc. Restructures Executive Leadership Team


Brad Kivlan Named Organization’s CEO along with other appointments

Mechanicsburg, PA – May 15, 2017 – Dynatemp International, Inc. (Dynatemp), a privately held supplier of HCFC and HFC refrigerants and refrigerant services is pleased to announce it has named a CEO in conjunction with several executive leadership appointments.  The new leadership structure was finalized at Dynatemp’s Annual Board Meeting held on April 11, 2017.  Effective immediately, Dynatemp has named its former Vice President of Operations, Brad Kivlan as its CEO.

“I have a sincere appreciation and gratitude for the mentoring I’ve received from Dynatemp’s business leaders; namely Hal Kivlan, Barry Goodwin and Dale Bunce,” Kivlan said.  “I look forward to tackling the challenges posed by the regulatory landscape and carefully balancing our responsibilities toward environmental stewardship.  Dynatemp is launching new and innovative products designed to satisfy the current and future needs of our HVAC/R wholesale customers.  From my vantage point, I see an exciting future for Dynatemp, our employees and the HVAC/R industry as a whole.”

In addition to the CEO change, Dynatemp promoted William Gresham from Vice President of Operations to Executive Vice President and Carol Hippensteel to Vice President of Logistics.  Both Barry Goodwin and Dale Bunce will remain as Presidents of their respective business units, Goodwin as President of Dynatemp Refrigerants Company and Bunce as President of DynaKool Solutions.

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About Dynatemp International, Inc.
Dynatemp International, Inc. is a privately held supplier of refrigerants, refrigerant recovery services and cooling components founded in 1983.  Dynatemp has locations in Arizona, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania serving an HVAC/R wholesale customer base of 550+ companies representing over 4,100 HVAC/R wholesale locations nationwide. Dynatemp offers the HVAC/R market a portfolio of products, services and market intelligence that is designed to increase long-term profitability, customer loyalty, and environmental stewardship.

Uncertainty Prevails; Future of Paris Agreement and HFC’s Still Unknown within the Trump Administration.

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“Key officials will meet at the White House on Thursday to discuss whether President Trump should make good on his campaign promise to “cancel” the Paris climate agreement, or allow the United States to remain a party to the global pact — confronting head-on an issue that has divided the administration and raised concern in the international community.”
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