Montreal Protocol’s North American Proposal

Reductions in HFC production by 2024

Delegates to the Montreal Protocol met in Bangkok July 23-27 at a Meeting of the Montreal Protocol Open-Ended Working Group (OEWG). No significant progress was made on a proposed amendment to phase out HFC refrigerants. Here is a summary of the North American proposed amendment:

  • Targets 21 HFC and 2 HFO refrigerants
  • Gradual phasedown (with a plateau) as opposed to a phaseout because an alterative refrigerant may not exist for every HFC on the market today
  • Reduction in consumption and production of listed refrigerants according to the following schedule- 20% in 2024; 40% in 2029; 60% in 2034; 85% in 2043
  • Baseline for developed countries is calculated as HFC and 85% of HCFC consumption and production averages during years 2005 through 2008
  • License required for importing and exporting HFC refrigerants

The Meeting of the Parties to the Montreal Protocol will take place in Geneva November 12-16.

Dynacycle Welcomes Farnsworth Wholesale Company

We are proud to announce the addition of two Farnsworth Wholesale Company locations to the Dynacycle wholesale network. Since 1994, Farnsworth has been a leading supplier of HVAC products to the greater Phoenix metro area. The following locations will now serve as drop-off locations for contractors that would like to participate in the Dynacycle recycling program:

Farnsworth Wholesale Company
1265 S Pima
Mesa, AZ 85210

Mon-Fri 6a.m.-4p.m.

Farnsworth Wholesale Company
8051 W. Olive Ave.
Peoria, AZ 85345
Mon-Fri 6a.m.-4p.m.

Additional information may be found at