The EPA Approves R-453A for SNAP

Under Section 612 of the Clean Air Act, the EPA is required to evaluate significant new alternatives substitutes (SNAP) for ozone-depleting substances in the air conditioning and refrigeration sector. These newly approved substances meet the EPA’s criteria to reduce the risk to overall human health and the environment as compared to other substances currently available in the market. The most newly approved SNAP substances and their end-uses are defined in the EPA SNAP 35 Fact Sheet. 

Dynatemp Refrigerants Company proudly supplies R-453A (RS-44b), which is now approved for refrigerated truck and trailer transport (new and retrofitted).

R-453 (RS-44b) is the lowest GWP HFC on the market at 1765 TAR and is ZERO ozone-depleting. It also has similar energy efficiency, cooling capacity, discharge pressure, and flow-rate as R22. It could be a great option to meet future regulations that limit the GWP level of HFC refrigerants. For more info on this refrigerant click here.

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