Frequently Asked Questions About Our DynaCycle Cylinder Exchange Program

We recently sat down with our distribution center manager in Clayton, NC to discuss what kind of questions she has been receiving regarding our DynaCycle Cylinder Exchange Program. The following questions are currently the most frequently asked about DynaCycle. We will update this list periodically as the questions change. If you have any questions, that were not covered here, about our DynaCycle Cylinder Exchange program please call or email us at the contact info below.

What cylinders do you accept in the Cylinder Exchange Program? We accept 30lb, 50lb, & 123lb steel cylinders. We also accept our DynaCycle branded composite cylinders.

Do you pay for gas? Yes, we do pay for gas. DynaCycle will issue payments in the form of check or credit, whichever the distributor prefers. To learn about the most recent buyback rates for gas, give us a call: (717) 249-0157

What gases do you accept? We accept all non-flammable HFO, HFC, HCFC, and CFC refrigerants.

How does DynaCycle handle dirty refrigerant, contaminated refrigerant or refrigerant recovered from a burnout?  It is expected that recovery cylinders may contain moisture, air, and oil. This is the reason that the actual net refrigerant contents of a recovery cylinder are usually lower than calculating net weight by subtracting the cylinder’s tare weight from the gross weight of the filled cylinder.

As long as cylinder contents fall within a reasonable range, as indicated below, no disposal charge will be incurred. In the rare case that cylinder contents fall outside this range, a disposal fee will be charged.

Why should we choose DynaCycle over another reclamation program? Unlike many other programs, we are still paying for gas! We also created our program with the help of distributors in the market to ensure that it was the easiest program for them to implement. We know distributors are busy and the last thing they need is unnecessary work. The DynaCycle program is flexible and customized to your business footprint, sends you all the necessary material needed to start the program (see the full list here), supplies EPA compliant reports at no charge, has no shipping costs, requires no obligation to purchase refrigerant or sign up annually, and has no pump-down fees.

Will I get paid for HFC blends such as R410A or R421A? DynaCycle pays $.10/ lb. for 100% pure HFC Blends (such as R421A) that can be identified by a Neutronics refrigerant analyzer. Anything less than 100% purity contains an additional component and is thus considered a mixed gas. It is cost-prohibitive to separate gases with 3 or more components so they must be properly disposed of.

How do we keep our cylinders organized while recovering gas? At DynaCycle we’ve created a cylinder sleeve that leaves you space to fill in your name and what type of refrigerant you are recovering. Use a separate cylinder for each kind of refrigerant. See picture below


For more information on the DynaCycle Cylinder Exchange Program please call (717) 249-0157 or email

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