What To Do With All That Recovered Refrigerant?

With the cooling season in full swing, chances are you’ve been busy lately. As the season continues, there will be more refrigerant recovered. Did you know you could get paid for all that dirty gas? The DynaCycle Cylinder Exchange Program accepts all non-flammable HFO, HFC, HCFC and CFC Refrigerants. Let us help you! DynaCycle makes it as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Step one: Join

Let us know you are interested in joining the DynaCycle Cylinder Exchange Program. Your DynaCycle representative will work with you to determine the correct product mix for your initial shipment. We’ve got you covered! We ship you everything including empty recovery cylinders, tags, hazmat shipping labels, and shipping containers.

Step two: The Exchange 

Your customers may exchange filled recovery cylinders for empty recovery cylinders of similar type and capacity.  Filled recovery cylinders should then be tagged and placed in the shipping container that was provided by  DynaCycle. You’ll send the full shipping container back to us. We will simultaneously send you another container full of empty recovery cylinders. There are no shipping costs!

Step 3: Get Paid 

DynaCycle will issue payments in the form of check or credit, whichever the distributor prefers. We recommend that distributors share a portion of the program proceeds with their contractor- technician customers in the form of a store credit. This builds loyalty between you and your customers.

For more information on the DynaCycle Cylinder Exchange Program please call (717) 249-0157 or email info@dynacycle.com

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