DynaKool Solutions

A division of Dynatemp International, Inc., DynaKool Solutions’ mission is to bring new and innovative products and services to the HVAC/R market.

Along with the DynaCycle coolant reclamation program that offers special benefits for your recovery of R-22, we offer two new products: Qtube and Qfit—high performance alternatives to copper tubing, the main component that transports refrigerant through a refrigeration, A/C, or heat pump system.

Qtube & Qfit


Easy Installation
Qtube offers a reliable fitting method that connects tube to tube, and tube to A/C body through Qfit.

Non-halogen Fire Retardant
Qtube contains stable fire retardant non-halogen materials complying with UL 94V0, which does not discharge toxic gas during a fire.

Superior at High Pressure
Qtube is designed to withstand high pressure (avg burst pressure is 200kg/cm2). It can be used in applications where high pressure resistance is vital.

Qtube is light and easy to handle so it is very useful for aircraft and ship building.

Qtube is rated to withstand outdoor conditions including UV radiation for over 50 years.

Competitive Price
Cost-effect compared to metal-based tubing, unaffected by typical price changes of raw materials like copper.


The Qfit Fitting and Tools Kit allows for quick, on-site fitting for Qtube installations. The kit contains jigs for cutting parts to the correct angle and fit and ensuring a secure seal. No Torch Required!