DynaCycle is now offering the FluoroFusion™ Free Exchange R-22 Reclaim Program

The EPA has phased-out production and imports of virgin R-22. Reclaimed R-22 is now the only source to meet the continued strong demand. As a DYNACYCLE partner, you will be paid CASH for your recovered R-22, and there are NO FEES with our simple 5 Step Process.

How Does It Work?

  1. When your branch has accumulated at least 20 small recovery tanks or 500 lbs. of
    refrigerant in large cylinders, including some that contain recovered R-22, please E-mail us at pickup@dynacycle.com We will pick up your full cylinders, and send back an equal amount of clean, empty cylinders that you can swap with your customers. Turnaround time on cylinders is 48 hours plus transit time to and from our locations.

Note that we will accept obsolete low-pressure 260-psi cylinders, but we are unable to replace them.

  1. Refrigerant Buyback Price – We will process your recovered refrigerants then send you a payment within 30 days. All recovered AHRI refrigerants are accepted.
  1. Refrigerant Tracking Report – We will provide you with a report for each reclaim job detailing the contractor name, refrigerant weight and purity in each recovery cylinder. You can provide this report to each of your customers and pay cash or a store credit for their recovered R-22 and HFCs.
  1. No Freight Fees – We will pay all freight charges to and from our locations as long as you meet the minimum shipment requirement of 20 small recovery cylinders that contain refrigerant, or 500 lbs. of refrigerant in large cylinders.

Note that some cylinders must contain R-22.

  1. Cylinder Exchanges – Cylinders have a typical certification period of 5 years. We accept in-date cylinders with gas at no charge. If you receive a cylinder from your customers that is out of date, sell them a recovery cylinder out of your stock, or one of our exchange cylinders, and we will deduct the cost from your payment.

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