SNAP Notice of Acceptability (Notice 33)

SNAP Notice of Acceptability (Notice 33)

Today EPA published in the Federal Register a Determination of Acceptability (Notice 33) to list as acceptable several substitutes in the refrigeration and air conditioning, and cleaning solvents sectors. This determination of acceptability expands the list of acceptable substitutes under the Significant New Alternatives Policy (SNAP) program.

New substitutes are:

  • HFC-134a in residential and light commercial air conditioning and heat pumps (retrofit equipment);
  • HFE-7300 in non-mechanical heat transfer systems (new and retrofit equipment), electronics cleaning, metals cleaning, and precision cleaning end-uses;
  • R-407H and R-442A in retail food refrigeration—remote condensing units (new and retrofit equipment);
  • R-448A, R-449A, R-449B, R-452A, R-452C, R-453A, and R-458A in multiple refrigeration and air conditioning end-uses (new and retrofit equipment); and
  • R-513A in residential dehumidifiers (new and retrofit equipment).

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US industry supporting HFC phase down


In a recent post on,

THAILAND:  An influential group representing US businesses maintains it is working closely with the Trump administration to continue support for the Montreal Protocol.

Kevin Fay, executive director of the Alliance for Responsible Atmospheric Policy, told delegates to a meeting at today’s Montreal Protocol meeting in Bangkok that US industry was strongly supportive of the Montreal Protocol process and the newly-negotiated Kigali amendment. 

“This unprecedented testing programme will accelerate the updating of codes and standards by three to five years,” Stated Kevin Fay

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US industry supporting HFC phase down



European Parliament Ratified The Kigali Amendment

The European Parliament today ratified the Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol on phasing down HFCs used in HVAC&R applications.

The entry into force of the Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol on phasing down HFCs – agreed in the Rwandan capital last October – today came one step closer after the ratification of the agreement by the European Parliament.

The final adoption of the text by the European Union (EU) as a whole is still pending as it must also be adopted by the 28 EU member states that are parties to the Montreal Protocol.

The Kigali Amendment will enter into force on 1 January 2019 provided that it has been ratified by at least 20 parties to the Montreal Protocol, or 90 days after ratification by the 20th party, whichever is later.

Ratification by a number of EU countries, therefore, will be sufficient to trigger the entry into force of the Kigali Amendment.

So far, four countries have ratified the amendment: the Marshall Islands, Mali, Micronesia and Rwanda.

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Content Recovery & Proper Recycling of Refrigerant Cylinders

Many are asking what the disposal of refrigerant cylinders that have reached the end of their useful service. To make it easy for you, we wanted to share this very useful AHRI’s guideline for content recovery and proper recycling of refrigerant cylinders Guidelines PDF.

Please download and keep to use as a quick reference guide.

Cylinder end life Process_AHRI_Guideline_Q_2016 Booklet