Dynatemp 422B+™

The Universal R-22 Replacement

R-422B is the superior, universal R-22 replacement on the market today. An exclusive patented formula, superior compatibility, lower price point and a 100% American-manufactured product make this the Gold Standard for R-22 replacement.

Benefits of Dynatemp 422B+™

  • Patented formula contains a blend of synthetic POE lubricant and a hydrocarbon for superior lubrication and compatibility with existing R-22 equipment (U.S. Patent No.11,028,300)
  • High quality, lowest cost option
  • Replaces R-22, R-421A, R-422B, R-422D, RS-44b*, and R-407C without oil change and no modification of equipment in most applications
  • Our Next-generation, lubrication technology ensures compatibility and miscibility with Mineral, AB or POE lubricants found in existing equipment.
  • Non-flammable; rated A1 by ASHRAE
  • The pressure / temperature characteristics of R-422B+ are nearly identical to R-22, R-421A and R-422B.
  • Non-Ozone Depleting Substance (non-ODS)

Dynatemp 422B+™ is a patent-pending HFC blend replacement with zero ODP, containing the highest quality synthetic POE oil.

Dynatemp 422B+™ is based on the R-422B formula, which has a proven 20-year history.

Dynatemp 422B+™ is a high stability component blend compatible with synthetic and mineral oils.

In any operational leak scenario, additional Dynatemp 422B+™ may be added without a significant effect on performance.

Dynatemp 422B+™ is an effective refrigerant for process cooling and air conditioning. It has demonstrated its effectiveness at higher temperatures, giving the added benefit of lower discharge temperatures. In many instances lower compressor discharge temperatures have been reported which can be a bonus where systems are running close to the recommended maximum.

Charge the equipment with R-422B as a liquid. Do not charge liquid refrigerant directly into the compressor. The total charge of R-422B will depend on the type of system. For those with liquid receivers, it is recommended to add sufficient charge to achieve the required evaporator temperature while maintaining acceptable superheat. For optimum performance, it may be necessary to use a larger expansion valve orifice. Capillary systems do not need to be changed. NOTE: it is not unusual for the occasional bubble to be seen in the liquid line sight glass. A small number of bubbles in the sight glass is not a reliable indication of an under-charged system.

E.P.A. regulations stipulate that the equipment converted is clearly labeled as containing R-422B.

Dynatemp 422B+™ Product Bulletin

Dynatemp 422B+™

The best all-around choice for replacing R-22 and R-22
replacements in HVAC applications.

Lower your supply chain spending and protect yourself from
spiking R-22 costs in 2021.

Proudly manufactured in North Carolina, USA.

*RS-44b is property of ComStar International, Inc. and is unaffiliated with Dynatemp International, Inc.