Tech Watch: Maersk Invests in Carrier’s Natural Refrigerant Container Units

100 NaturaLINE units ordered for operational testing

Technology advancements are progressing at an exponential rate in virtually every industry and the HVAC/R industry has been seeing it’s fair share of “tech”.

The world’s largest container shipping line, Maersk Line, is striving to further reduce the environmental impact of its global shipping operations. They have ordered the first 100 of a total of 200 refrigerated containers to be chilled by Carrier Transicold’s NaturaLINE natural-refrigerant based system.

“To meet our sustainability goals and stay ahead of the new EU legislation, Maersk Line is keen to carefully evaluate all alternatives to the current synthetic refrigerants,” says Ingrid Uppelschoten-Snelderwaard, head of global equipment, Maersk Line. “The NaturaLINE system is an advanced technology with interesting potential for reefers. We chose it after laboratory testing of the unit’s performance with perishable and frozen commodities and look forward to gaining further operational experience with the system.” => Read full article 

R-32: The Eventual Replacement For R410A

We see R-32 as the eventual replacement for R410A in residential air conditioning equipment.  R22 prices are increasing due to impending supply shortages, and R410A prices are rising in the face of antidumping duties.  As the price of R22 and R410A continue to rise, R32 will become a more cost effective and environmentally friendly solution for equipment manufacturers.


Global manufacturers, such as Daikin Industries, LLC. encouraging manufacturers worldwide to develop, commercialize and adopt sustainable cooling and heating technologies using HFC-32.


Here is a Fact Sheet from Daikin Industries on this next generation refrigerant and technology


New R-421A Counter Display / Literature Holder

2013_10_30 Lit Display Photo
We are happy to announce the availability of the Choice™ R-421A Countertop Literature Display.  This display is cutout in the shape of the blue Choice™ R-421Acylinder and it includes a clear acrylic pocket that holds Dynatemp literature.

Click Here to order your R-421A Countertop Literature Display. Choose “Choice™ R-421A Countertop Literature Display” in the drop-down list of available marketing material (toward the bottom of the page in the “Marketing Materials Request” section). Your display will ship with one pack of 50 R-421A Sell Sheets.

R-421A gets OEM Approval from ComfortStar

On February 21st, ComfortStar announced that Choice R-421A is approved as the only acceptable R22 alternative refrigerant for all ComfortStar MIA/MIH-NCRdry-nitrogen-charged Air Conditioning units. We are very excited that Choice R-421A is the ONLY R-22 direct replacement covered under warranty for residential A/C by any OEM to date. We feel that this is a major step in the evolution and adoption of Choice R-421A as the preferred R22 replacement in the marketplace.


ComfortStar mentions the following reasons for approving R421A as the only acceptable R22 alternative refrigerant for use in their equipment-


-R421A is an environmentally friendly non ozone depleting replacement for R22

-R421A can replace R22 without modification-

-R421A no hydrocarbons such as butane, and is rated “A1” by ASHRAE

-R421A is non flammable and rated A1 by ASHRAE

-R421A can be used with Mineral, AB, or POE oils*

-R421A is comparable to R22 in terms of performance  and pressures, approximately 1% higher at 95°F


For more information on Choice R421A, please visit our website or contact us toll-free at 1-855-GET-421A.


*If there is a vertical height difference of 20 feet or more between the evaporator and condensor, the system must be converted to POE.