Cregger Company Added to DynaCycle Network

Adding  Locations  in  the  Southest…

Cregger  Company  is  a Wholesale  Distributor  of Plumbing  and  HVAC Supplies  throughout South  Carolina,  North Carolina,  Georgia,

Kentucky,  and  Illinois.  Founded  in  1978  by  Morris  Cregger,  the company  has  doubled  in  size  every  5  years  and  continues  to  grow rapidly.  Cregger  Company  intends  to  continue  to  develop  and promote  themselves  as  a  leader  and  pioneer  in  the  Wholesale Industry.    Cregger’s  philosophies  are  simple  and  straightforward… We  strive  every  day  to  achieve  the  best  possible  results  for  their customers  in  everything  they  do.

Global Demand for Flourochemicals to Increase

3.9%  Increase  Annually  Through  2016

Worldwide  demand  for  flourine-­containing  chemicals  is  expected  to increase  3.9%  annually  to  3.5  million  metric  tons  in  2016.    This  information was  released  by  and  reported  on  by  AZoM.

Growing  production  of  refrigeration  and  cooling  equipment  is  driving  the numbers.    HCFC  demand  will  fall  through  2016,  while  HFCs  will  continue strong  growth  as  a  replacement  to  HCFCs.  Forecasts  show  the  largest market  growth  in  the  Asia-­Pacific  region  with  smaller  Africa  -­  Mideast  and Eastern  European  markets  showing  above-­average  gains.

This  report  uncovered  several  challenges  to  flouro  chemical  production. China  is  a  major  exporter  of  fluorospar  and  has  been  restricting  exports  of this  key  raw  material.    As  those  of  us  in  the  HVAC/R  industry  well  know, the  unstable  regulatory  environment  makes  supply  and  demand  a  bit unpredictable.    There  is  also  a  growing  market  for  alternatives  to  flouro-­ chemical  use  in  the  commercial  refrigeration  market  and  blowing  agents market.

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AZoM, July 6, 2012, Cameron Chai

India, China, Brazil Kill HFC Phaseout Discussion

Montreal  Protocol  Discussions  on  HFC  Stalled

Montreal  Protocol  negotiations  were  held  in Bangkok  on  July  26th.    One  topic  of  discussion was  the  phaseout  of  greenhouse  (GHGs), specifically  HFCs.    India,  China  and  Brazil  have reversed  their  earlier  position  stated  in  last  month’s Rio+20  Declaration  -­       “We  recognize  that  the  phase-­out  of  ozone-­ depleting  substances  is  resulting  in  a  rapid

increase  in  the  use  and  release  of  high  global-­warming  potential hydrofluorocarbons  to  the  environment.  We  support  a  gradual  phase-­ down  in  the  consumption  and  production  of  hydrofluorocarbons.”

Brazil,  China  and  India  continue  to  insist  that  any  action  to  address  HFCs be  undertaken  by  the  UNFCCC  (United  Nations  Framework  Convention  on Climate  Change).    The  UNFCCC  is  not  expected  to  implement  a globalclimate  treaty  until  2020.    Currently,  the  UNFCCC  has  no  authority over  the  production  and  consumption  of  HFCs  or  any  other  greenhouse gas.    It  is  interesting  to  note  that  India,  China  and  Brazil  have  been  actively blocking  discussions  on  HFCs  at  the  UNFCCC  as  well.

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R421A is the Easy Choice for R22 Replacement

Dynatemp  International  Offering  New  Alternative

With  R22  prices  still  on  the  rise,  have  you  begun  offering  an  R22 replacement  product?

If  not,  R-­421A  could  be  the  right  Choice  for  you.   This  Environmentally  GREEN  refrigerant  will  provide your  customer  with  a  unique  non-­ozone  depleting, long-­term  replacement  for  R22  refrigerant  without  unit modification  needed  and  without  changing  oil. Performance  temperature  range  is  comparable  to  that of  R22  and  is  usable  in  a  wide  variety  of applications.