MLF Moves Closer to Phasing Out HCFC’s

Last  year,  the  U.S.  joined  the  EU,  Japan,  Canada,  Australia  and  New Zealand  in  pledging  $450  million  over  the  next  three  years  to  finance  the phase-­out  of  Ozone  Depleting  Substances.    Last  week,  the  U.S.  was  part of  a  group  of  countries  proposing  that  the  phase-­out  of  HFC’s  under  the Montreal  Protocol  would  be  “the  most  cost-­effective,  achievable  and  near-­ term  opportunity  for  significant  GHG  (Green  House  Gas)  mitigation.”

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EPA Petitioned to Withdraw Approval of R-134a

The  Environmental  Investigation  Agency  (EIA)  filed  a  petition  requesting that  the  EPA  phase-­out  the  use  of  R134a  in  most  applications  in  the  U.S. According  to  the  EIA,  “HFC-­134a  has  a  global  warming  potential  (GWP)  of 1430  (making  it  1430  times  more  powerful  than  CO2  as  a  greenhouse  gas) and  represents  approximately  half  of  all  HFC  use  in  the  U.S.  Many countries  already  use  or  require  the  use  of  low-­GWP  alternatives  to  HFCs, e.g.,  an  estimated  one  billion+  refrigerators  in  the  EU  and  Asia  run  on hydrocarbons  (GWP  <25)  rather  than  HFCs.   Although  hydrocarbons received  EPA  approval  for  use  in  the  U.S.  in  January,  no  timetable  has yet  been  established  to  require  their  use  in  domestic  refrigerators  and freezers  or  retail  stand-­alone  coolers  and  freezers.”
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Cregger Company Added to DynaCycle Network

Adding  Locations  in  the  Southest…

Cregger  Company  is  a Wholesale  Distributor  of Plumbing  and  HVAC Supplies  throughout South  Carolina,  North Carolina,  Georgia,

Kentucky,  and  Illinois.  Founded  in  1978  by  Morris  Cregger,  the company  has  doubled  in  size  every  5  years  and  continues  to  grow rapidly.  Cregger  Company  intends  to  continue  to  develop  and promote  themselves  as  a  leader  and  pioneer  in  the  Wholesale Industry.    Cregger’s  philosophies  are  simple  and  straightforward… We  strive  every  day  to  achieve  the  best  possible  results  for  their customers  in  everything  they  do.

Global Demand for Flourochemicals to Increase

3.9%  Increase  Annually  Through  2016

Worldwide  demand  for  flourine-­containing  chemicals  is  expected  to increase  3.9%  annually  to  3.5  million  metric  tons  in  2016.    This  information was  released  by  and  reported  on  by  AZoM.

Growing  production  of  refrigeration  and  cooling  equipment  is  driving  the numbers.    HCFC  demand  will  fall  through  2016,  while  HFCs  will  continue strong  growth  as  a  replacement  to  HCFCs.  Forecasts  show  the  largest market  growth  in  the  Asia-­Pacific  region  with  smaller  Africa  -­  Mideast  and Eastern  European  markets  showing  above-­average  gains.

This  report  uncovered  several  challenges  to  flouro  chemical  production. China  is  a  major  exporter  of  fluorospar  and  has  been  restricting  exports  of this  key  raw  material.    As  those  of  us  in  the  HVAC/R  industry  well  know, the  unstable  regulatory  environment  makes  supply  and  demand  a  bit unpredictable.    There  is  also  a  growing  market  for  alternatives  to  flouro-­ chemical  use  in  the  commercial  refrigeration  market  and  blowing  agents market.

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AZoM, July 6, 2012, Cameron Chai