Another Happy DynaCycle Cylinder Customer

Cylinder  Design Saves  Time  &  Money

 “Today  I  received  a  call  from  Randy  in  the Billings  branch.  His  customer  Chris  with  Empire Heating  &  Cooling  reported  back  that  the  new recovery  cylinder  is  faster.  He  said  a  recovery job  that  used  to  take  them  1  1/2  -­  2  hour  took only  45  minutes!  He  is  so  pleased  that  he  has now  purchased  another  cylinder  because  the time  saved  reclaiming  saves  him  more  money  in labor  than  the  cost  of  the  cylinder.”

 -­Dave  Thomas,  Service  Parts  Director  at  GENSCO 

Your Customer Has Options for Their Mixed Gas

Pump-Down fee includes testing

We at DynaCycle receive regular questions about what to do if a contractor customer thinks their recovery tank contains mixed gas. Here is our suggestion- Have your contractor customer drop off and tag the recovery cylinder.

When Rapid Recovery gets the contractor’s cylinder, the first thing they do is test the gas that is inside the cylinder. The test is included in the $17 cylinder processing fee and it will determine if the gas is mixed. If the gas is mixed, the Rapid Recovery technician will set the tank aside and the wholesaler should contact the customer to see if they want the tank pumped down for a nominal fee of $3.50 per pound. If your customer does not want to pay the mixed gas fee, you can return the cylinder to your customer and the only fee they incur is the $17 cylinder processing fee.

Dynacycle Welcomes Farnsworth Wholesale Company

We are proud to announce the addition of two Farnsworth Wholesale Company locations to the Dynacycle wholesale network. Since 1994, Farnsworth has been a leading supplier of HVAC products to the greater Phoenix metro area. The following locations will now serve as drop-off locations for contractors that would like to participate in the Dynacycle recycling program:

Farnsworth Wholesale Company
1265 S Pima
Mesa, AZ 85210

Mon-Fri 6a.m.-4p.m.

Farnsworth Wholesale Company
8051 W. Olive Ave.
Peoria, AZ 85345
Mon-Fri 6a.m.-4p.m.

Additional information may be found at