Hydrocarbons Are The Future & The Future Is Now

Take advantage of the growing amount of equipment utilizing R290 and R600a hydrocarbon refrigerants. With state and federal HFC phase-down regulations on the horizon, now is a great time to position yourself as your customer’s go-to supplier of hydrocarbon refrigerants. Hydrocarbons, like R290 and R600a, are non-toxic, have a low GWP (global warming potential), are highly efficient, and are a cost-effective HFC replacement option. At Dynatemp Refrigerants we can offer these high-quality products at an economical price.

Following Europe’s lead, where the hydrocarbons have been in use for over 20 years, the United States is working towards full adoption of low-GWP refrigerants through state regulations with the possibility of federal legislation through the AIM Act. To meet these rapidly changing US regulations, the HVAC industry is building equipment specifically made for hydrocarbons. A couple of examples of this are here and here. Also, the IEC has increased the charge limit on equipment from 150g to 500g in self-contained commercial display cases.


R-290 is a highly refined propane. It is safe and environmentally friendly. Unlike HFCs that have a  high GWP, hydrocarbons, like R290, have almost negligible GWP. R290 replaces R134a in refrigerator applications and replaces R404a in freezer applications. It also has better heat transfer properties making your equipment more efficient.


R600a is refrigerant grade isobutane. Like R290, it is non-toxic, non-ozone depleting and has very low GWP.  R600a also has excellent thermodynamic properties. R600a replaces R12 and R134a and is much better for the environment.


While both R290 and R600a are classified as ASHRAE A3-Highly Flammable, when used correctly the risk is very low. Flammability happens when you charge fluorocarbon systems with hydrocarbons, which is illegal in the United States. There have also been fears of an increased explosion risk with propane refrigerators but studies show that there is less than a .001% chance of this occurring, even in kitchens that cook with gas. The real risk with hydrocarbons is if there is a leak in an unventilated space, like a control room. However, most of the equipment being built today is a closed-loop system to ensure safety.

The most important safety issue is that R290 and R600a can not be used in retrofitted systems, they must be used in new equipment.

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Let Dynatemp Refrigerants help you provide your customers with refrigerant options that meet the HFC phase-down regulations that are currently happening and will continue to happen in the future. If your customers invest in hydrocarbon systems now, they will be ahead of the game. To request a quote on these products click here.